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IT and Management Consulting specializing in... * Strategic Planning for Marketing Technology Stack, Enabling IT Infrastructure, Product Software Development * Right-sized Enterprise and Business Architecture Driven by Desired Strategic Outcomes * Product Management and Software Development Team Transformation and Coaching Business Intelligence and IT professional with deep expertise developing highly successful technology that creates new business opportunities, improve efficiency and improve integration between technology and business operations. Conceive and assemble product management and development teams utilizing a framework adapted from industry standards and personal insights. Recognizes trends in marketing and communications technology, bridges organizational gaps and aligns strategies and resources to allow corporations to capitalize upon high-value opportunities. Provides consulting, design, and development of multi-channel content and asset management, cross-media formatting and delivery technologies utilizing cloud computing infrastructure. Utilize omni-channel to improve organizational communication, collaboration, coordination, and control functions. Conveys a unique perspective of turning Strategy into Action, lightweight application of industrial strength methodologies and systems delivering data, information and knowledge across any and all channels. Looks for inspiration across domains and disciplines. Clarifies role responsibilities and improve team dynamics such as development and operations, marketing and sales, product ideation and competitive intelligence gathering and analysis. Sequences team activities into crawl, walk, run steps delivering on Core, Adjacent, Transformative innovation. Investigation and application of new technologies, such as Cognitive Systems, Graph DB, Serverless Computing for Web Apps, eCommerce, Digital Marketing. Solutions based on the principles of: Simplify - Strategize - Semantify - Cognify

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